Gold recycling pawn
Precious metal purification
RoHS Ten Items
Plating tester

Gold recycling pawn

In actual investment transactions of gold trading,
Insufficient fineness or adulteration of gold, silver, and jewelry
The phenomenon of tungsten and rhenium doping occurs occasionally.
How to avoid risks and ensure fair trading?
Mingsheng Precious Metal Detector as an Industry Gold Testing Tool
It can quickly, accurately, and non-destructive identify the specific composition and content of gold,
Effectively assisting businesses and individuals
Avoiding risks and achieving maximum profitability.

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Precious metal purification

The RoHS2.0 directive has changed from the original six controlled substances
Four new Phthalic acid salts are added:
Compulsory implementation from July 22, 2019,
The Xifan RoHS2.0 detector is easy to handle,
The sample does not require pre-treatment for direct testing, and the testing speed is fast,
No wastewater or waste liquid will be generated, and there is no need for environmental assessment,
The maintenance cost in the later stage is extremely low, and the cost of consumables is minimal.

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RoHS Ten Items

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Plating tester

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Shenzhen Mingsheng Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, professional technical solution provision, and implementation with XRF products as its core. There are specific laboratories in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The company is committed to solving comprehensive application problems for users, relying on a research and development team composed of technical experts to launch X-ray fluorescence analysis products, which have been widely used in the identification, detection, and composition analysis of various elements (Na U), Especially suitable for the detection and process quality control of "RoHS" and China's "RoHS" systems. The Mingsheng Ux series energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is a high-tech product that Mingsheng has absorbed years of experience and lessons from China in this field and advanced international technology, and has conducted in-depth industrial re

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