Plating tester

The X-720 new generation domestically produced professional coating thickness detector uses high-resolution Si PIN (or SDD silicon drift detector), with industry-leading measurement accuracy and results. Adopting FlexFP Multi technology, we provide a friendly experience and meet the testing needs in terms of quality control during the production process, random sampling and full inspection during incoming inspection and material performance inspection.

The Ux-720 micro mobile platform is paired with a high-definition CCD, and the knob adjustment design is located outside the shell, making it easy and convenient to observe the movement position.

The application of X-ray fluorescence technology to test coating thickness has improved the inspection conditions for large-scale production of electroplating products, with non-destructive, fast, and more accurate characteristics, providing inspection guarantee for quality improvement in the electronic and semiconductor industries.

The Ux-720 coating thickness gauge adopts the latest patented technology FlexFp Multi, which is not limited by standard samples. It can directly test the coating thickness of samples without coating standards, and the test results can withstand scientific verification.

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